Frequently Asked Questions


Do parents/caregivers participate in class?

Yes!  Parent/caregiver participation is required for all "Village", "Our Time", and "Family Time" classes.  For our "Imagine That" classes (ages 3-5 years), parent/caregiver participation is optional for the first 35 minutes (depending on child's readiness/comfort level participating in a class without an adult).  The last ten minutes of class are "Sharing Time" at which point adults are required to join us.  For our "Young Child" classes (ages 5-7 years), the children participate without an adult until the last ten minutes of class when we do "Sharing Time".


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What are your illness policies?

Please click here to read our illness policies.

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I have one child enrolled, may a sibling attend as well?

Kindermusik with Kelly has a very strict policy regarding siblings.  We offer "Family Time" classes for families with more than one child.  The "Family Time" classes are for ages 0-7 years and we purposefully make them very cost effective.  If you have a child enrolled in a toddler class and have a non-mobile (not crawling or walking yet) baby as well.  The baby may come to class if she/he is content to stay in a car seat or is content being worn in a baby carrier.  Once the baby becomes mobile, we ask that you either enroll the baby in a "Village" class (for ages 0-18 months) or move both children to a "Family Time" class.  If you have a baby enrolled in a "Village" class and also have an older sibling, the older sibling may only attend class in an extenuating circumstance (babysitter cancellation, day off from school, etc.) and only with prior permission from the educator.  I take these policies very seriously and ask that you do the same.  Please respect the reason/need for age-specific classes and register your child/children accordingly.

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What is your refund policy?

Kindermusik with Kelly does not offer refunds (except in extenuating circumstances).  Please note that deposits are non-refundable under any circumstances.  Once a deposit is paid, your spot is held and your home materials are ordered.  If you are unable to participate in the session after your deposit is paid, you will receive your home materials, but you will not be issued a refund.  

If you are unable to participate in the session for which your child is enrolled and you have paid in full, you will receive your home materials and the remaining balance will be held in your account as credit for future classes.

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